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Saloote - Best Covers of 2013

We love music! We love it so much that we can listen to the same one over and over again. But sometimes we like to listen to something different, even if it’s a different version of the same song. That’s why we love covers so much! Those are our favorites of 2013:

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey – Cover by Miley Cyrus

Miley, Miley… we love you just like we love summer, but we love you even more when you don’t let us down. Sadness is far from what we feel when we hear this version, though. Well done, girl! 

Thinking About You by Frank Ocean – Cover by Erica Vidallo

Ok, we still don’t know if we believe that all that voice really came from this little girl. Let’s just listen to it while you guys help us to figure it out.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake – Cover by Boyce Avenue feat Fifth Harmony

Just ask Boyce Avenue to cover anything and they’ll do it right. This time the girls from Fifth Harmony joined the band in a breath-taking version of Mirrors. Justin bless you!

Made In The USA by Demi Lovato – cover by MarcoZero

You don’t need much when you’ve got talent. Watch these three Brazilian guys just keeping it simple:

Wake Me Up by Avicci – Cover by Pixie Lott

Don’t you love when someone turns a dance song into a song even your grandparents would listen to?! Thanks, Pixie!

There were so many amazing covers we left out because we couldn’t come to an agreement… 2013 was a great year for music! You can help us grow this list (and settle down some disputes in the office). What was your favorite cover of 2013? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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